Going to work walking vs diabetes

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People who go to work walking are 40% less likely to get diabetes and 17% less likely to get hypertension than those who go to work by car, according to a recent study.

The researchers analyzed the data of 20,000 UK residents to examine how the way they moved to work affected their health.

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How does it work?

Walking, cycling, and using public transportation were associated with a lower risk of being overweight than driving or using a taxi. People who went to work by bicycle were about half as likely to suffer from diabetes compared to those who traveled by car.

The study also found that 19% of people who used private transportation (such as cars, motorcycles and taxis) to go to work were obese, compared to 15% of those who walked and 13% of those who used bicycles.

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The way of going to work varied a lot in different parts of the United Kingdom. For example, 52% of people in London used public transport, compared to 5% in Northern Ireland, according to the study, which appears in the August 6 issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

Take care of your life

Hypertension, diabetes and overweight are important risk factors for heart and circulatory diseases. The new findings show that people could reduce their risks of serious health problems such as heart attacks by avoiding commuting to work, the researchers said.

"This study highlights that including physical activity in the daily routine when walking, riding a bicycle or using public transport to go to work is good for personal health," he said in an Imperial College press release. from London Anthony Laverty, from the school's School of Public Health.

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"Variations between regions suggest that infrastructure and investment in public transport, walking and cycling can play an important role in promoting a healthy life, and that encouraging people to get out of the car can be good for them and for the environment, "he said.

Although the researchers discovered an association between walking or biking to work and a lower risk of diabetes and hypertension, they did not necessarily prove causality.


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