1) Roll formed door frame
Double layered and welded door frame with an elegant molded finish.

2) Lockset
This highly impact and attack resistant lock features 12 locking beaks which are located at 4 points of the door. 9 on the lock style and 3 in the head.

3) Hinges
Every door features 4 pre-hung adjustable hinges. Each hinge is thick, wide and reinforced to deal with extreme conditions.

4) Peephole
Featuring a stainless steel outer and wide angle view. It offers extra peace of mind and is standard on all entrance doors.

5) Anti theft thick door leaf
With interlocking mating joints as standard on the 70mm thick door leaf, it makes it near impossible to penetrate, plus giving maximum weather protection.
6) Stainless steel doorsill
LY-223 LY-217A LY-207 LY-206 LY-238
LY-203 LY-204 LY-215 LY-216

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